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Stepping up the effort to stopping Putin

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden (Image: Politico) The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has been going on for two months now - of course, two months too long. Thousands from both sides have lost lives and it sadly doesn't appear to end any time soon. Despite attempts to agree ceasefires  and a  peace process , these are often overshadowed by threats and ultimatums . Ukraine don't trust Russia and Russia is frustrated by the Ukrainian resistance. While events on the frontline continue to dominate headlines, political leaders are trying to steer the narrative. Russia's Vladimir Putin is doing an excellent job in manipulating his people (both in government and the public) into thinking that they're they victims and that this invasion is justified. Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelenskyy is desperate for physical resources. From his pleas, he's expressed frustration with  Europe for not supplying , but praised Boris Johnson for 'helping more' and the US for g

Keep the content flowing, Channel 4 and BBC

Dan Walker and Louise Minchin among those leaving BBC. Which fresh faces can take over? (Image: Irish Mirror) Another day, another earthquake has hit the British broadcasting industry. The BBC is currently undergoing a major on and off-air personnel shake-up while Channel 4 could change beyond recognition as its set for privatisation - and elsewhere, there's a new controversial channel set to launch with a similar 'straight talking' agenda that GB Views - sorry, I mean News - promised almost this time last year. Shake ups in the world of television aren't new, and perhaps not as big of a turning point for the sector as we're seeing analysed. Of course, they're significant developments, but on the other hand, we've seen them coming. Speculation had been rife for some time. Yet, the changes we're witnessing now, which continues from last year with GB News' launch, is due to a culture shift from some corners of society who feel they've been 'si