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The JSPrice Secondary Education Manifesto

As we edge closer to the general election, I find myself even more engaged in politics. I watch more speeches, keep an eye on the poll-of-polls religiously, and bore people with my views. Most recently, I attended one of Ed Miliband's Question Time sessions as he's touring the country answering questions which matter to the British public. I was impressed by how he answered nearly every question fired at him, ranging from the Barnett formula to fracking. From asylum seekers rights to vote, to extremism in Nigeria. From supporting small businesses, to pledging better rights for those short of hearing. But what was missing, and it's a trend with other political parties, is how to completely change the education system. The Conservative-led government seem to believe that adding free schools supported by taxpayers and millionaire donors is the way forward. David Cameron supports their success as exam results from these schools are better than that from state schools. Of cour

Keeping neutral is vital in Iran-Israel spat

Ben Netanyahu and Barack Obama (Image: Having Iranian blood would naturally give me the urge to keep actively updated with the country's affairs. It is fair to say that Iran has seen a lot in the last few decades. The revolution in 1979, the war with Iraq in 1983, the death of Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989. These three developments in particular shaped the Middle East dramatically and along the way, the Iranian community around the world has united stronger because of these perceived setbacks, and I have nothing but respect of that. So it comes to no surprise that this community had to stick together in the last decade. Since the 1980s, the government in Tehran grew distant from the western world. Some statements that have been exchanged increased tensions which has nerved those living in Iran. In the late 2000s, there was even talk of an invasion on Iranian soil when George W. Bush approached the end of his tenure as US President. When Barack Obama took the helm, he