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Sharing responsibility for Health & Education pressures

Recent Junior Doctors' strike (Image: New Statesman) We should all share responsibility for the way our Health and Education systems are run at the moment. Now, before you troll me, please allow me to explain. It is so easy to blame politicians for the non-ideal condition our National Health Service is being run and the way education is run. These have stressed our current, and will stress the next, generation no end. It is also easy to say how, we, the British public, can suggest many amazing ways both Health and Education can boost the lives of the entire population to the policy makers. But there is so much both systems can do to function in modern Britain. There is a constant outcry that how both should be protected in the government's budget and politicians promise more money would be injected in the public run schools and hospitals. Yet, where the money is going to is damaging sectors we feel most passionate about. We need to stop and look exactly where the i

Brexit or Bremain, US Special Relationship is doomed

Donald Trump (L) and Boris Johnson (R) in support of Brexit. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (C) back Remain. With some crucial and world changing elections these coming months, it is hard to predict Britain's position in Europe and who will govern the US (and the UK for that matter) by the end of 2016. While the US Presidential Election is heating up and the unescapable EU Referendum in the UK on 23rd June dominating the headlines on both sides of the Atlantic, we hear too many 'what ifs' and countless number of rumours that have been arguably off-putting. As particularly the EU referendum is just around the corner, there is a considerable number of people who are undecided, while America has been split over the Democrat and Republican candidates, although the past week or so we saw Donald Trump confirmed as the Republican's nominee. Both elections mentioned here are linked in many ways and key figures have intervened. In the States for example, Trump has