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The United Kingdom is not ready to leave the European Union

View of F ørde, Norway (Image from newwinemusic.wordpress) I spent my recent annual leave in Norway. During this eight-day stay, I visited the wonderful city of Bergen and resided in the small village of Alversund, 40-minutes drive from the renowned world heritage city. I explored the charming fjords in addition to walking across peaceful forests and communicating with accommodating people who speak admirably fluent English - some spoke better English than I ever will. My week away was a week well-spent and rest was exactly what I needed, and at the right destination - even if the weather wasn't as warm and dry as the heatwave witnessed in the UK over the recent weeks. However, it is not the weather I wish to discuss. Earlier this month, the British parliament passed on a bill that will enable people of the United Kingdom to have a say on whether the country will stay or exit the European Union. Should this bill be approved by an MP select committee, the referendum shoul

Hostility, Insecurity, Outrage: This is the world that we live in

(l-r) Mohamed Morsi, Edward Snowden, Katie Hopkins I have come to a conclusion recently that we love to be angry. We want to watch something which we know we'll get frustrated about at the end but we just have that sudden urge to rage. The flower power age of the 1960s, when everything was wonderful and care-free, is a long and distant memory. Today, we buy newspapers and watch television, and see a disturbing image or read a controversial column - instead of turning the page with no reaction, our 21st Century instinct has gotten us to rant on social media websites and then we feel the weight off our shoulders - a huge sigh of relief. Don't you worry, I am exactly the same, and hence why I have a blog. However, there have been three news stories that have gone viral over the past few weeks. They have felt like a lifetime since they first broke and I'm sure it will be a while yet until these stories disappear from the media ambush. This week President Assad of Syria