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If Cameron wishes to defend Hunt, he must also back Baroness Warsi

Jeremy Hunt (left) and David Cameron (right) (Image: The Telegraph) It's not every day you would see me praising David Cameron but after over two years of being Prime Minister, it was almost inevitable that I would agree with recent events concerning him, and that is ignoring his petty attack on comedian Jimmy Carr who was caught avoiding taxes. This concerns the Leveson Inquiry as last week, Lord Justice Leveson and Counsel Robert Jay QC interviewed high-profile politicians, past and present such as former Prime Ministers Sir John Major and Gordon Brown, and current Ministers like Chancellor George Osborne and Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond. They gave their personal feedback on what their relationship is/was like with the press and News International. David Cameron was under oath and questioned on the Thursday and it was interesting to listen to his version of the controversial appointment of former News of the World editor, Andy Coulson as Communication

Thank you, Bangor

I don't usually write personal subjects on this blog but this time, I feel it is necessary. Three years ago, I moved out of my hometown in Cardiff and started a new chapter of my life by living and studying in Bangor, north Wales. Why did I choose to study in Bangor? In 2008, I visited the University, keeping an open mind of what I wanted to do after leaving college when further education ended a year later. It was always an ambition to be a journalist so that would affect my future and my University choice. It came to a surprise how many Universities did journalism courses however it was my intention to stay in Wales. The Welsh Assembly Government offered grants to Welsh students planning to continue their study in Wales (an initiative still used today). This meant the £3,025 fee of 2009/10 academic year would be significantly reduced. English Universities lost out on my presence, but they only have Tony Blair's New Labour government to thank. Furthermore, Bangor was one o

Euro 2012: Spain strong favourites but could Germany snatch the trophy?

Fernando Torres, Euro 2008 (Image: The league season in most parts of Europe may be over however Friday will be the start of Euro 2012 - a competition where sixteen successfully qualified teams in Europe go head-to-head to grab a prestigious prize. This year's tournament is like no other as since Spain won in 2008, the continent has suffered considerably due to the Euro currency crisis. Greece are edging closer to being part of the drachma again while Spain could also exit the Euro in the near future. Europe has entered into the world of the unknown but hopefully, we can safely say that the football will become a distraction, far from it. I have written about the problems and issues football face in previous blog posts, most recently about gender discrimination. However in Ukraine and Poland, the countries hosting Euro 2012, have a racism problem. You can say that this is the case in Britain with last season's Luis Suarez/ Patrice Evra debate and t