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Celebrating familiarity in an abnormal year

Oti Mabuse and Bill Bailey won Strictly Come Dancing 2020 (Image: The Telegraph) 2020 has been a huge test for the world. All of us had to change how we lived in order to help combat Covid-19, an illness that is remains a mystery to this day. It's easy to say that 2020 was a nightmare, but the only way for us to fondly remember 2021 (this time next year) is to ensure we do our bit to relegate the virus to insignificance. I'll look forward to the day when I can have the vaccine, for example, as we hope it reduces the rate of infection to the point where we can start travelling without wearing a face covering, attending the theatre, cinema or sports arena and see our loved ones in homes and restaurants without fear. Enough of me sounding like a government press release - every year, I award a 'Person of the Year', like TIME Magazine. This year, the magazine awarded its award to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris , who from 20th January 2021 will be the new President and Vice-Pr

Less of the chummy please, Prime Minister

Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson (Image: Euronews) There is a phase that always makes my blood boil; "It's not what you know, it's who you know." I absolutely hate it because it is common practice in many industries, including the one I work in. When I first stepped into the public relations (PR) arena, I was often told that I'd have to know someone influential in the field in order to be considered for a foot on the ladder, or at least have a contact book full of journalists.  Even now, many organisations looking for PR professionals require future candidates to have people of influence they can have on speed dial. Many employers aren't looking for you, they're looking for your phone. It's a culture that's gotten on my nerves for years, but I appreciate that the buck starts with the people in power, which therefore other sectors echo. Up until recently, there was never an active buzzword to truly describe the scenarios I describe above. It is only