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America's 'life or death' election

Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton (Image: CBS Miami) American politics has always been at the forefront of the global news agenda. The United States has become so powerful, the outcome of their general elections are a matter of life or death for the rest of the world. This particular campaign, where its citizens are set to take to polling stations in less than two months from now, has never seen the stakes so high. Here, we have two front-runners. On the Democrat corner, we have Hillary Clinton and on the Republican corner, we have Donald Trump. I may have described it as a boxing match just now, but even that is an understatement. Having never visited the States, and only judging by my self-interest and research, this is turning into a bloody battle not likely to escape our minds anytime soon. I mean, between the pair of them, there have been insults coming from one side and accusations from the other. My head is pounding after reading countless number of stories, predictions an

Our Islamic obsession - the true need to stop demonising religion

A march in Paris as a result of an 'Islamic' inspired attack (Image: Daily Telegraph) Let's talk about religion. Oh dear, I hear you cry. Whatever many think, I feel it is vital to get to the bottom of religion because it appears everything bloody and dramatic is being done in the name of it. From the first century when Jesus died on the cross, crucified by Romans in the name of God, to Henry VIII changing Britain's primary religion just so he can divorce. But centuries ago, religion was a key factor in many decisions that were made. Things haven't really changed in the past century. Adolf Hitler killed millions of those who followed the Jewish faith because of their beliefs. Northern Ireland had to practically force a peace deal in the late 1990s because Catholics and Protestants were fighting against each other. Now, Islam is often pin-pointed whenever we hear about a conflict of some kind. If you believe in the West-led media, it's currently Isla