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A fairy tale story which has developed into an unnecessary tragedy

Kate Middleton and Prince William (Image: To hear a story of new life to be brought to this earth are usually heart-warming and, on the whole, very good news to relatives and friends to the newborn. It was meant to be the case for Kate Middleton as the Duchess of Cambridge is with child and husband Prince William has been leading the support for the royal who is set to give birth to the third in line to the throne. William's delight has echoed to the minds of millions across the world, and they have every right to celebrate. With over 20 million of Britons witnessing the couple's wedding almost two years ago, Kate's pregnancy is bound to get people excited. Stoke-based pottery maker, Emma Bridgewater has announced her new " A Royal Baby in 2013 " mug range and I'm sure, closer to the unconfirmed birth date, there will be more reason to boost the economy by spending lots of merchandise to remember such a potentially historic occasion. B