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Labour & Tories pushing Scotland out, again

Nicola Sturgeon outside Downing Street (Image: Zimbio) This is the last chance I'm going to address my thoughts on this tightly fought general election before May 7 as on election night, I land back in the UK after what I intend to have a super five days in Spain. Fear not, I will vote by post and I have decided who I'm going to vote for so I won't dither, unlike millions that still have no idea who they want to represent them in the next five years. Summarising this election campaign is difficult. These past few weeks have seen polls remain static so while all parties have knocked every door, spoke to constituents, spent every penny on printing leaflets, it's clear that they're all working as hard as each other. The two TV debates were fascinating and the interrogations of David Cameron and Ed Miliband by Jeremy Paxman and Kay Burley four weeks ago gave us the real indication as to who can take the heat and who can't. I'm also looking forward to th

The Katie Hopkins Enigma

Katie Hopkins (with some bad editing!) I like to consider myself being an open-minded person and therefore find a decent attribute in everyone. We all have a 'good' side and a 'bad' side to our nature, it's up to us which one we publicly portray and then other people decide how to perceive us in certain situations. We all have a voice and the beauty of the human mind is that we choose whether to agree with others tendencies or not. However, I must also accept that there are some people who chooses to be one personality to the public and be someone different in private. There's nothing wrong with that but these sort of people put my head in a spin even though their public persona is under constant negative scrutiny on a daily basis. Cue Katie Hopkins. For those who don't know her, she originated in business leadership having appeared as a contestant in BBC's The Apprentice in 2007. Hopkins proudly proclaims to be the first person to say 'No&#