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Banish off-putting political buzzwords

David Cameron in front of a buzzword I want scrapped (Image: Daily Telegraph) Being a keen follower of politics, I find there is nothing more annoying than hearing buzzwords. You know, those overly used terms spoken by politicians with the full intention to relate to their targeted audience - getting down with the kids, if you like. The reality, however, is that they're doing everything in their power to bore the wits of millions. So I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of such words and phrases that should really not come from anyone's mouth in the foreseeable future. You may want to take an opportunity of using this article as some sort of drinking game whenever you hear or watch a speech or debate and utter such terms - though I wish not to be held responsible for your alcoholic actions. Please feel free to use the comments space at the end of this post to suggest more words you want gone and discuss your reasoning. Brexit - Us British souls love a good

Nobody is 'untouchable' or 'too powerful'

Kim Kardashian surrounded by guards (Image: Daily Mirror) You may initially find it bizarre, possibly offensive and irrelevant when I put Kim Kardashian and Jimmy Savile in the same context as I do here. True, they are both completely different people - one is a reality TV star whose biggest crime is craving attention, while the other was a notorious child sex offender. But in the context of what I'm writing here, they have something key in common - and recent stories which they were subject to over the past week or so, fuels my argument. The argument is simple - it is in relation to the term 'celebrity' and how it is being interpreted by the general public. It is also in relation to the perception of 'us' against 'them', and the media's attitude towards those who possess such status. Therefore while both Kardashian and Savile are from different countries, different eras and have different attitudes, we feel as a collective, that they are &#