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AV: Why I'm saying "No"

For Welsh people such as myself, this will be the second referendum we'll be voting for in 2011. The previous one was important to the country containing up to three million citizens, but this one on May 5th will effect United Kingdom as a whole. It is vital that as much people as possible will vote whether we would want to have a change in the voting system or not. At the moment we use "First-Past-the-Post" (FPTP) system. In other words, put a simple "X" next to a political party an individual wishes to vote. Now, as people like Nick Clegg suggest, a new voting system could be introduced. In other words, voting for parties in rank form. Let me give you nine good reasons why I will disagree with Clegg - again. Reason One Look at this diagram I produced courtesy of Paint. As you can see, the initial second place under our current system actually won the seat. Under the new system, the first party with 50%+ wins the seat. In order to get 50%, in some situations, t

Jamie's students are an example why current education system is shambles

A week last Wednesday marked the end to a remarkable television programme - Jamie's Dream School . It was about chef Jamie Oliver who invited twenty students aged between 16 and 18 to a converted school for two months, being taught by intelligent celebrities. These children have failed most, if not all their GCSEs and Jamie knew it was going to be a task to persuade them back into education. However, Jamie himself only passed two GCSEs when he was at high school. He said he "hated school" but found his talent in cooking which eventually got him his fame and fortune. He bought celebrities such as ex spin doctor Alastair Campbell and human rights lawyer Cherie Blair who were educated in places such as Cambridge and Oxford. Mr. Oliver also got people from across the Atlantic to help him out alongside an award-winning head teacher. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? At first, the children took too much for granted. They were loud and disruptive as you would expect from them

The many faces of Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is one of the most prolific strikers in Europe. He has been part of a Manchester United team who have equalled Liverpool's top flight record of winning the most titles and looks set to overtake their north England rivals if they win the league in six weeks time. He has been known to have scored the best goals in the 21st Century. The goal he scored against Newcastle in 2006 was truly mind-blowing and most recently, that overhead kick in the Manchester Derby is favourite to become this year's goal of the season. Truly remarkable goals and he is fan's favourite. People look up to him and perhaps could see him as England's next captain before long. At such a young age, he is a sensational football player. We do on the other hand, see a controversial side to him. He seems to be a very easy target because he was a world class player at an incredibly young age. Basing on what I see in series of documentaries about him, he was born and raised in Liverpool - supp

The family which baffles the world

Between 9-10pm on a Mothering Sunday evening, millions turned their attentions to Louis Theroux and his journey with the Phelps family. Both Theroux and the family have been trending on Twitter, many are angry by the Phelps. We and Theroux last met the family five years ago. The family had opinions which are beyond people's belief. They suffered from homophobia, they were very religious and had strict viewpoints on the value of family life. Aren't people like that in general? I mean, there are people who dislike gays and lesbians, there are people who consider themselves as religious and some have family values which are different to others. What's the problem? The problem is how they live with themselves. They go to soldier's funerals who have served their country after wars (which were unnecessary, yes) and say that God is laughing and that they deserved today. And they supported the roadside bombs which killed the troops. I don't know about you but that is evil a