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To whichever London Mayor is picked - Love thy Leader

London Mayoral Hustings earlier in the election campaign (Image: LSE) We are now less than a month away from the London Mayoral elections. Those outside the capital may not have noticed but for the eight million who live across its 32 boroughs, it is hard to escape the buzz. The coverage and political campaigning these past few months has reached fever pitch. This election, we can argue, is too close to call. We have lost faith in polls that, in recent times, hasn't given an accurate outlook of the public's voting intentions. There are certain things we do know, however. There is a two horse race with Labour's Tooting MP, Sadiq Khan, and Conservative's Zac Goldsmith, currently Richmond Park's MP likely to occupy the top two spots. And there is a general feel in the city's polluted air that the voters' main issues surround housing, immigration, transport and, to an extent, the environment. For me, however, the most alarming issue here is how t