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Retailers wish it was Halloween everyday

Money talks: Halloween doing the retail industry the greater good It is that time of year again where shoppers flee the high street purchasing pumpkins and impressing their friends and family by buying the scariest and spookiest costumes about. Some even create their own fancy dress which makes us all go bump in the night. I will try and stop with the woeful puns but Halloween every 31st October followed by Bonfire Night on November 5th has been celebrated by millions in the UK and various other countries in Europe for generations. Halloween of course was originated from the United States but having lived in Britain all my life, I know it is a big event here. Halloween and Bonfire Night comes at a perfect time of year for the public to forget about the depressing political headlines which have dominated the newspapers and Sky News/BBC cannot stop mentioning. The European Union is in a middle of an economic downturn and last week, the likes of British Prime Minister David Cam