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The curious incidents of Justin Bieber in his lifetime

Justin Bieber with his Beliebers In the celebrity world, there aren't many people like Justin Bieber. From an incredibly young age, he has developed to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Justin Bieber is only 19 years of age and was raised in a small city of Stratford in Canada. Yet the amount of followers he has on his Twitter account is over 1,200 times as many as the city's population.  What makes Justin Bieber the most talked about singer in modern music? He has sold more than eight million albums, collected countless number of music awards and his 2010 single "Baby" was YouTube's most popular video until very recently, when Psy's Gangnam Style became the first video to be seen more than a billion times. He has an incredibly huge fan base, which he calls "Beliebers". If you are a "Belieber", you are almost considered to be part of a majority. Like everybody in this planet, Bieber has his problems. Being famous an

Cowell is no different to Murdoch

Simon Cowell and Rupert Murdoch (Image: The Guardian) In the past two weeks, many people have been debating about the late Baroness Thatcher and her legacy. Some admired her journey from being a butcher's daughter in the little known town of Grantham, to becoming Prime Minister. Some believed she saved Britain during the eleven years of her premiership, after a supposed difficult 1970s. However, others felt differently after she closed down key industries in Wales and northern England and that infamous poll tax was a tax too many. Regardless of what people made of her, Thatcher was very divisive then as she is now. Margaret Thatcher's death had me wondering who can match her divisiveness. Who can divide the nation, get the world talking and will be remembered long after they pass - although I wish no one to pass. For me, there is one person who ticks these boxes - Simon Cowell. For those who don't know Simon Cowell, he is the music mogul behind the shows T

The importance of knowing your local MP

Kevin Brennan MP (Image: The Guardian) It has been a busy week in British politics but I would like to steer away from the death of Margaret Thatcher and bring your attention to something quite unrelated. I have a passion towards local politics and feel it is vital that people vote for their local politician and not just for the next Prime Minister during a general election. My local MP, Kevin Brennan of Cardiff West has represented this constituency since 2001 and has won the last three general elections pretty convincingly. He is a Labour politician following the footsteps of Cardiff West's last MP, Rhodri Morgan, who was Wales's First Minister. Cardiff West has been a Labour constituency since 1987. This post is aimed to see how compatible I am with Mr Brennan. I voted for him in 2010 as I have seen my area continue to develop and improve, becoming a safer and sustainable environment to the people who live there. I was also a supporter of former Prime Minister Gordo