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The NHS need all the support they can get

Guy's Hospital, London Bridge (Image: Earlier this week, I had an operation. It wasn't a major one but the day as a whole was such an intriguing experience, I feel I had to share my experience. It is worth noting that my operation was done under the NHS. The National Health Service, has been under massive scrutiny of late. You see in the news every day about them failing someone - whether it was diagnosing someone of cancer too late to cure them, or if a young child will suffer from a particular disability for the rest of their life after a blunder from the health service. The coverage they have received has been negative and if they had anything positive to say about the NHS that would be silenced by a scandal in a particular hospital. The negative publicity never put me off the NHS. I have relied on them from day one of my life and they have very rarely let me down. I have been lucky not to have broken a bone in my body and therefore not have relie

Israel and Palestine falling victim to UN frailties

I do wish that one day, the Middle East would be perceived in a more positive way in the media. And I am sure the media would like to do that as well. However, they cannot help themselves but to show the public, who are outside of the region, its darker and treacherous side. The powerful images and footage is something that is so unfamiliar to a lot of us but we cannot help but be intrigued, while being gobsmacked, angry and sympathetic at the same time. Over the past few weeks, we have seen Iraq being victim to vicious attacks by a group called Isis, which consists of dozens of Iraqis and Syrian extremists who have occupied large parts of land across the country that barely recovered from the 2003 war caused by the UK and US coalition. Now, their people are living in constant fear and running out of options as to how they get their lives "back to normal". Some have fought back but that has only created more bloodshed and fatal casualties. World leaders want to use the powe