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We need more Martin Luther Kings to inspire the world

Martin Luther King (Image: NBC News) This time fifty years ago, Martin Luther King had a dream. He went up on stage in front of hundreds-of-thousands of people who supported his campaign that every black man and woman, adult and child would be treated as equal to any other human being would like to be treated. He won over many people and inspired others to change their attitudes towards others. Fifty years on, his legacy and speech still lives strong. People are still inspired by what he said in Washington and his words are still relatable today. Martin Luther King would be proud of his achievements, I think. He tragically died in 1968, five years after his iconic speech but we can argue that our attitude today has changed for the better. We are appreciating other cultures more now than we ever did. We pledge more money to charities which help others abroad. We are accepting people from other cultures in our lives. As a person in support of multiculturalism, I thank Martin Luth

Twitter trolls do not have The X-Factor

It is almost X-Factor season here in the United Kingdom. The tenth season of the popular so-called talent contest is returning to our television screens where wannabe "singers" get the five minutes of fame they've always craved. The "backstage gossip" started with the announcement that Sharon Osbourne returns to the judging panel and we have discovered this week that Louis Walsh is not going to judge the 2014 series - unless ITV had the sense to cancel the show altogether by then. Also, the show's last year's finalists have already released chart-topping albums - Jahmene Douglas being the recent success story after collecting a number one accolade for his recent album while 2012's winner James Arthur announced he is to release his debut album later this year. Who will follow his footsteps this time around? I'm at the edge of my seat just thinking about it. Can't you sense the sheer joy and excitement on my face? In recent years, I have been