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The problem with Hague's 24 hours, and what we can do about it

Molly-Mae Hague (Image: Molly-Mae Hague first graced our screens in 2019 coming second in the hit ITV2 show Love Island, but since used her time to lucrative effect - amassing millions of followers on social media and being offered sponsorship deals for eye-watering amounts. Now at 22 years of age, she has profitable businesses in her portfolio and is seen as a future force for economic good in the fashion and beauty industries. After appearing on a popular reality contest, it's easy to sit back, relax and reap the benefits doing supposedly little. Many have, therefore, rightly praised Hague for her savviness - using her 'name' to helping others look and feel good. But it's her recent comments that have divided opinion. She appeared on a podcast hosted by Dragon's Den investor Steven Bartlett talking about 'how to get what you want', among other topics. Hague, using her personal experiences, stated - and I paraphrase - that we're all given the

Labour isn't ready to govern, yet

Keir Starmer has two years to inspire Labour to victory (Image: BBC) If you believe in today's polls , Sir Keir Starmer would be the UK's next Prime Minister in the event of a general election, should one take place tomorrow. At the latter stages of 2021, the Liberal Democrats enjoyed a mini-renaissance, winning the last by-election at a seat the Conservatives had held for almost 200 years. Dozens of Tory back-bench members are rebelling against the government over Covid-19 measures. With all this talk, there's little wonder why some commentators are whispering rumours about a premature general election. In my eyes, a general election is the last thing Labour needs right now. It's clear Starmer isn't seeking a general election so soon, neither is he going strong on calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign - despite presenting an alternative vision of 'security, prosperity and respect'. Both thoughts mentioned here are logical. The pandemic isn&#