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Nicky Morgan is Labour's missing jigsaw

Nicky Morgan (Image: Daily Telegraph) The Labour Party are on the verge of losing their status as the official opposition in Westminster. Well, that's if you believe in the press in recent weeks. It is true to say the party have endured another extremely tough year. From the attempted career assassination of their current leader, Jeremy Corbyn to being part of the losing campaign in that tiresome EU referendum. It's just been a year of failure. I don't think any of their MPs would look back at 2016 with great fondness. However, all isn't doom and gloom. The polls may not be on their side at the minute, and their recent by-election performances leaves a lot to be desired. But they still have time until the next general election - whenever that is - to turn things right. At the moment though, they are prone to defeat. Most of their MPs wanted Corbyn to resign, he didn't. They wanted to oust him through a pointless election, they failed. Most of them campaigne

France will soon appreciate Hollande

Francois Hollande (Image: France24) For me, it's hard not to sympathise the soon departing President of France, Francois Hollande. The Socialist leader is the first in modern French history to decide against running for a second term in office. He was elected in 2012 and promised so much hope to his people after the rather painful Nicolas Sarkozy era. However, as the country continues to struggle both economically and socially, and the President's personal life under the negative spotlight, Hollande's approval rating dipped to the lowest levels seen from any leader in a very long time. Hollande felt that therefore, he had no choice but to tender his resignation so his Party has a greater chance of election success. When I say 'greater chance', I mean from zero chance to a tiny chance - and that's if you believe in the unreliable polls. But as my headline suggests, I have to say that from an outsider's view, I have to commend Hollande on facing the