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24-hour news: necessary or abused?

How many opinions do you need for a live story at once? (Image: CNN) When first launched, the introduction to 24-hours news was received with open arms. The thought of being brought constantly up-to-date with current affairs sounded revolutionary. No longer would news enthusiasts wholly rely on reading newspapers every morning. The 24-hour news broadcast phenomenon is now a distant memory. It is the norm. Social media ensured that by constantly keeping journalists and producers on their toes. As a journalism graduate, and having been in the PR industry for nearly five years, I've followed this digital transformation unfold and witnessed how reporters developed their tactics to accommodate the drastically changing media landscape. Largely, they should be admired. To proactively seek ways to improve your game while keeping up with the times is a tough ask. This tough ask for reporters requires a healthy balance, however. In 2017, this equates to identifying the differen