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Being a lorry driver is amazing, honest

Lorry driver queues (Image: BBC) It's hard to ignore the Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver shortage crisis at the moment. It was widely acknowledged that lorry drivers - particularly those entering and leaving the UK - would suffer a paperwork overload once Britain no longer became a member of the European Union. But some of us (myself included), who are oblivious to the ins and outs of the supply chain industry, thought the main issue for drivers was going to be around the endless M20 queues around Folkestone and Dover. When I recently visited the Channel Tunnel six weeks ago, I saw the opposite. Little did we misinformed folk realise was in fact, there aren't enough lorry drivers around full stop. Because of this, we now have a supposed ' fuel shortage ', in that, due to the lack of delivery drivers, there isn't enough petrol or diesel in our petrol stations. Speaking to a few people living outside of the UK, they'd watched some of the panic buying online with