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African mass migration crisis solved through corruption combatting

Migrants in Calais, June 2015 (Image: Washington Post) The word 'migrant' is almost considered the naughty 'm' word. Like the 'n' word in the 1950s and 60s which, unlike Barack Obama , I shall not repeat publicly, 'migrant', or 'immigrant' appears to be an offensive word. We pass a shop that sells Polish groceries, an Indian restaurant, a French patisserie, owned by those not born in our country, they get slandered by the right-wing leaning press like Daily Express and Daily Mail simply because they used their civil freedom and started a new life in the UK when in the country of their birth lacked such opportunity. The immigration 'issue' has been subject to nationwide debate particularly over the past decade as hundreds-of-thousands have flown and resided to the UK while a significantly smaller number of people emigrate from the country. A large number of those coming here are from non-European Union countries in which the pri

Shock, horror - we're all corrupt!

Sepp Blatter & Rupert Murdoch (Image: Here's an EastEnders' 'duff-duff' moment - Fifa is a corrupt organisation. I'm falling off my chair here. Last week, the FBI arrested 14 executives and officials of football's world governing body Hollywood-style, dawn-raiding hotel rooms in Switzerland - some of these were caught on camera. The media then frenzied to Zurich, Fifa's Headquarters with the intention of getting answers off their President of 17 years, Sepp Blatter. But when the world's media turned up, very little anticipated that events between then and now would lead to the South African's sudden resignation. Coincidently, these arrests came two days before Fifa's Presidential Election polling day. There had been talk about these arrests happening due to heightened press speculation of bribery on the back of Qatar 2022 World Cup hosting bid. Now finally, police in the States acted the heroes in this latest soap op