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Is UK the only place against News Corporation?

March has been another busy month for Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation as they are under increased pressure to alter their controversial reputation in British and European media. It all started on the 29th February when Rupert's son, James resigned as Chairman of News Corp's British conglomerate News International after he failed to deal with the phone hacking caused by one of the organisation's press in an efficient manner. The Leveson Inquiry certainly didn't help maintain his position. This resignation means he can now concentrate on messing up News Corporation. In addition, on the 8th March, it was announced that the Press Complaints Commission is to close after 21 years and is to be replaced by another self-regulating party once the Leveson Inquiry concludes. The PCC, as it is known for short, failed to regulate the British press efficiently and didn't handle the phone hacking scandal at all so that decision was fair and hopefully Lord Leveson holding th

The American and British culture can never mix

I am a big fan of the new-look television comedy on the BBC called Room 101. It's a show now presented by comedian Frank Skinner and he invites personalities from the world of media or politics so they can rant about the things which annoy them about modern life, people, going out, and so on. Anyway, last Friday they had comedian Micky Flanagan as a guest and he said in the "Modern Life" category that he cannot stand "Americanism". He explains on the show that he dislikes the use of American language being used in the UK in relation to daily conversations. He said we are "cheapening the English language" as it creeps into modern language with people he knew saying they were "rocking up" somewhere which, according to the Urban dictionary is basically "turning up". "Americanisms" did not get into Room 101, instead it was "people playing loud music in public places" suggested by Bafta award winning actress Rebecca F