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Ed Miliband falling in Kinnock's trap

*That* bacon butty picture (Image: People don't give Ed Miliband enough credit. He hasn't had it easy since when he "betrayed his brother" almost four years ago, tipping the more popular, older and charismatic sibling, David, to lead the Labour Party. The media in particular haven't forgiven him as they believed David would be victorious in September 2010 after Gordon Brown announced his resignation earlier that year. Ed has been trying so hard to get to the right side of the media and in small bits, his tactic is working. Despite Labour and the Conservatives are neck-and-neck in the polls, Ed is currently clinging on the top spot and some recent reports suggest that if there was to be an election tomorrow, Labour could receive just enough votes to win the general election outright. However, it can be argued that this is because of the Conservatives' failure to connect with the "ordinary public" rather than Labour's vision