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The (social) media pressure of being generous

George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Image: YouTube) I like to consider myself a charitable person. Whenever my friends are trekking up mountains for good causes, I am there to do my bit and support them financially. Whenever my friends are running the London Marathon and share their JustGiving page on social media, I am more than happy to give their worthy cause £5 here, £5 there. In addition, every March, I purchase a daffodil to raise awareness of Marie Curie Cancer Care, an organisation who support both those who're losing their battle from cancer and their relatives affected by the cancer. Every November, I purchase a poppy to remember those who tragically passed in World War I and World War II. Both events mentioned are occasions many millions can relate to and the charities involved have never needed to rely on social media in order to collect donations. Don't get me wrong, as an avid use of Facebook, Twitter