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Collective responsibility in kicking out radicalism

Solidarity in Manchester : CBS News) What happened in Manchester on Monday 22nd May was horrifying beyond comprehension. 22 people, the youngest of which being eight years of age, died in circumstances nobody should endure. How can anyone cause an atrocity of this scale at a very innocent event? How can anyone want to cause an atrocity of any scale? To me, it's impossible to even consider doing such a thing and I find it hard to find the true reason behind anyone thinking about causing tragic disruption. Sadly, this isn't the first attack with multiple casualties the UK had witnessed this year. It's only been two months since a man drove into dozens in Westminster. Before the government even considered strategising and deliver proposals regarding security, they called for a general election. Technically, as I write this, we have no Parliament. So strategy is put on hold until Friday 9th June when MPs are elected. As a short term solution, Prime Minister Theresa May

The Piers Morgan Enigma

Piers Morgan - angel or devil? Ah, Piers Morgan. There is so much to say about the Good Morning Britain co-anchor, I felt compelled to boost his ego and dedicate an entire post to him. Right now, I cannot open my Twitter without seeing a new post from him. At the same time I cannot open my Facebook without reading a story about him on Digital Spy saying something that has divided social media users. It appears we know loads about Mr Morgan. We are aware of his feuds, with the list of people he's fought against longer than the Channel Tunnel - Jeremy Clarkson, Lady Gaga, John Cleese, and Ian Hislop to name a handful. He is also known to block anyone who shoot grammatically incorrect insults at him on Twitter. He's a fiery Aries, that's for certain. Yet, the deeply analytical part of my brain wonders whether his views make him a heartless man - perhaps an understated view from his critics - or an individual who has good intentions and a high moral compass. I think

Britain needs a Labour government - here's why

Will we be seeing Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister come 9th June? (Image: PoliticsHome) I'm sorry but I feel I must intervene and express my true annoyance over this farcical general election. For those reading from abroad, Britain has to endure yet another election, just two years after having one, and three years before it was meant to be scheduled for. Don't get me wrong, I am more than happy to exercise my democratic right to vote, but not under the circumstances UK faces itself today. I have a long list of reasons for why this general election is a bad idea, but I'll shortlist these here and conclude why Britain would really benefit from a Labour government. Yes, Labour. While the party's chances of winning a majority is slim - according to polls - the last thing I want is to see them lose seats to this Conservative government under false pretences. Theresa May has so much to answer for, I am finding it difficult to structure my arguments against her regim