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Iran's image matters to me - and will to everyone else too

Iran and the West are keen to sign a fresh nuclear deal (Image: CNBC) Being a PR man who has both Welsh and Iranian blood, I tend to follow the news and take what's happening in, or concerning, Wales and Iran personally. Even when it comes to events in the UK, as a Brit, I often wonder how the impact of, say the economy, is having on the country's wider reputation. When the Welsh national football side qualified for the FIFA World Cup , I spent ages looking at how media networks abroad reported on the story. Equally when it comes to contentious issues like when Wales became the first UK nation to introduce a blanket 20mph driving speed limit on residential roads, I felt compelled to see what outlets beyond the Welsh border are thinking about the move. It doesn't matter if I support what's going on or now, but I want the country to be seen as a global force for good. I even get insecure when Wales isn't chosen by big cheeses as the best country for anything. It'

Westminster: stop the shrugging and act on cost of living

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss clash on how to tackle the economy (Image: HampshireLive) It appears the UK has a government who has a 'wait-and-see' attitude on the British people's finances and an opposition leadership who won't do much to show solidarity to those who are feeling the pinch because Labour isn't a 'party of protest' . Of course, very few of us thought that is the case, but one thing is for certain - this is the summer of discontent and we'll soon to have a tumultuous autumn and winter. Let's summarise where we're at. In April, energy bills shot up as was forecasted . The rise was a shock to the system and on a personal level, I've noticed how bad it's been, even during the warmest days (judging by my smart meter alone). Every other bill has gone up too; including food and fuel. These out of control costs are reflected on the rate of inflation which is edging towards the 10 percent mark - pretty unprecedented. It's also not