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Special Relationship farce has to stop

Barack Obama last week visited the UK and Ireland as part of his tour of Europe. Him and US's First Lady Michelle Obama went to see the royal family and their new addition, Duchess of Cambridge as well as seeing Prime Minister and his wife Samantha Cameron. The visit lasted half a week. In addition, the Obama's visited a village which was a part of the President's ancestry. During Obama's visit, he played table tennis with David Cameron and together served a barbecue , 10 Downing Street style in scorching weather conditions whilst the rest of the UK had to suffer with torrential rain. The President made a historic speech at Westminster Hall, the first President to have done so . In this speech, he had raised three significant points. He emphasised the US and UK have a "special relationship" and reassuring the public the Libyan mission is going well and was confident Gaddafi regime will be gone. He also announced the US are " the greatest catalyst for

Celebrities aren't living to public's hopes

One of the modules I had to study this year for my degree was called "Ethics of Journalism". In this module, I had to do an essay regarding the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Since I finished the module two weeks ago, a lot has happened since. John Hemmings, a Liberal Democrat MP announced in the House of Commons that former Wales international football player Ryan Giggs had an affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas. Mr. Hemmings received parliamentary rights to say that this incident occurred. He said during Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday th at he felt someone had to officially announce it because of Twitter speculations and the fact that The Sunday Herald's front cover on the 22nd May shown a picture of Ryan Giggs, censoring only his eyes. Since Hemming's announcement, a lot of focus has been at Manchester United's headquarters. Ryan Giggs has played for the football club for about twenty years and is still g oing strong. H

Premiership 2010/11 Round-up

I'm out of breath. What an amazing day to round up a fantastic season of Premier League football. Remember, we still have until the 30th May to cry over no football for a couple of months thanks to the ever-so-tense play off final bank holiday weekend. A record breaking Premiership season which has seen the most goals in a 38-game season and Man. United winning their 19th top flight title making them the most successful English team in history. I was at my University's radio station Storm FM's studio presenting my usual sports show with Adam, Drew and Nick. We all had a laugh, thinking we were the next Jeff, Paul, Matt, Phil and Charlie in Soccer Saturday saying the frequent "ooh's" and "ahh's". Well, having said that Nick wasn't laughing in the end as his beloved Blackpool were relegated back to second tier of English football. We're all going to miss Blackpool. Yes, their stadium isn't considered Premiership standard as they can onl

Eurovision 2011: Competitor-to-Competitor Rated

Every May, Europe come together and celebrate the cheesiest of music evenings of the year. Yes, I am talking about the Eurovision Song Contest. Music festivals have started on a positive note so far in the UK with the launch of another BBC Radio One's Big Weekend in Carlisle and Glastonbury is to come as well as other musical celebrations. It is going to be a summer like no other. Eurovision this year is in the city of Dusseldorf, Germany. Winner of last year's event in Oslo went to Lena , the German contender hence the reason why the contest this year is in the wonderful Deutschland. I absolutely love Eurovision, I think it's brilliant and every year the UK take part in the competition. Some perform better than others. Josh last year put the Great Britain 25th of 25 whilst newly appointed Sugababe Jade Ewen the previous year put us in the top five so this year, no one knows how well UK will do. This article will give you indepth analysis of every single competitor in orde

Is the World REALLY a better place?

It has been a remarkable last couple of weeks. Prince William and Kate Middleton, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge finally wed in front of 24.5 million spectators in the UK alone. Also, Britain said "no" to the Alternative Vote system in convincing style whilst Manchester United are set to be record breakers as they are on the verge of their 19 th top-flight title after beating Chelsea last Sunday . But I'm not posting a blog about any of those headlines. One headline, in my view that has dominated the press is the death of al - Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. After ten years of hiding, he was finally found in a remote destination in north of Pakistan. US forces took their opportunity to shoot/torture him until his heart stopped beating and when pronounced dead, the military put his body in the sea. It will take a while until someone would want to retrieve his body under the sea... To me, the whole thing was a complete surprise. For one moment, because of