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Media still has long way to combat gender stereotyping

The Only Way is Essex (Image: Lime Pictures) ITV is a television network that Britain can be proud of. They have produced some of the finest dramas, documentaries, news coverage and day time shows. Coronation Street is the world's longest-running soap opera, enjoyed by nine million people every episode. Let's put it this way, there is at least one programme on any of ITV's six channels (including "The Store") that someone likes. If you don't like anything ITV produces, then one must question if you have ever watched anything on their channels? I admire ITV as their six channels are very distinctive. For example, ITV offers mainstream shows like Coronation Street, Downton Abbey and Jeremy Kyle Show which are aimed towards the modern family. ITV2 attracts the younger audience who are into the celebrity culture while ITV3 focuses on the older audience, showing repeats of classic shows like Colombo and ITV4 offer a wider variety of films, documenta

Unions and Tories must put political differences to one side

Boris Johnson in a London Underground train (Image: The Independent) If us Brits were given a pound for every time we whine, we'd be the biggest economy in the world. While other countries act violently to show their disgust over political decisions, Britons simply sulk. We're like babies crying over spilt milk. Of course we have been violent. Some of us burned down shops during the London Riots in the summer of 2011, while much earlier than that in the 1980s, we had the Miners Strikes in Wales and the North East, and various riots in Northern Ireland. Mass violence in the UK however, happens rarely, hence their significance. But as a whole, we're not a violent country. Thank heavens if you ask me. However, despite violent protests shows the physical damage, a lengthy sulk can be equally as powerful. Being a London resident for two months now, I know that the English capital is very busy at the best of times. But this week was something I had never experienced be