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Getting to the root of the Jewish problem

Jewish community celebrations (Image: The British media is getting bored of Islam. Is it just me, or has there been a reduced level of focus on Muslims? It may surprise you, but lately they haven't done anything the press think is worth talking about. Suspected attackers who claim to follow the faith aren't terrorising Western cities and haven't done so for nearly a year now. The media is now short of options in how to demonise the religion, and those who want to promote Islam in a positive light are content because they don't feel the need to defend any crazy accusations aimed at their faith. I may have jinxed this, however. I am glad that this particular news cycle is taking the backseat because it seriously had to go. It wasn't pretty, and I just hope nothing happens in order for it to be re-introduced. On your bike, so the saying goes. With this in mind, the British press need something else to bite on. They didn't need to look far, becaus

Changing our Russian tone

Theresa May with Vladimir Putin (Image: "There lived a certain man in Russia long ago, he was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow. Most people look at him with terror and with fear, but to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear." Don't worry, Boney M wasn't singing about Vladimir Putin. Their song, released in 1978, was about Grigori Rasputin, a self-proclaimed holy man - a pro-royalist who supported the last Emperor of Russia. Rasputin next year will be 150 years old but I wonder if he ever imagined the Russia he is said to have loved remain the pantomime villain of the world. It is fair to say that the Russian government is loathed by most of the leaders across the world. I don't know how they do it. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, thus ending the Cold War, it was hoped the new-look Russia would befriend their former enemies. This has backfired big time and can have a detrimental impact on the globe as we see it. In recent

Preparing for a complete High Street shutdown

High Street stores are closing in their droves (Image: BBC) Call me old fashioned, but I'm going to miss the High Street. I'm going to miss the thrill of my day trips to the shops, buying the latest CD in one, actually finding a pair of jeans my size at another as well as window shopping for blinds - okay, the last one is a lyric from a Beautiful South song but you get the gist. I'm also going to miss the joyful ambience of what the High Street brought; happy families strolling while couples and individuals alike escape the realities they want to walk away from momentarily. Okay, I'm sounding very presumptuous. The High Street is still very much alive. I can still go out and do the things I want to do there, apart from window shopping for blinds because I don't need them right now. However, I cannot help to be pessimistic about its future. I have been for a while, I suppose. Yet, I'm sensing its decline so rapid, it won't recover. The past few weeks