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'Ineffective' Starmer is exactly what nation needs

Sir Keir Starmer, House of Commons (Image: The Irish Times) Election season in the UK is soon upon us. On my 30th birthday, there are Assembly elections in Wales and Scotland, while we find out whether Sadiq Khan retains his place as the Mayor of London. We also have some council elections which will give the larger parties an indication as to how they're doing locally. I'm personally pleased to see these taking place at all, as Covid-19 delayed any election that would have taken place last year, including the Mayor of London's . We're promised that they're taking place with appropriate safety measures, so let the battles commence. I don't believe these elections will reflect on the nation's mood towards the Conservatives. My gut feeling right now says that Sadiq Khan continues to be the Mayor of London, purely because he's not done too much over the past five years to put Londoners off him, and I don't see any of those who he's facing against