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Integrate society to prevent deaths of the innocent

Black Lives Matter protest after death of George Floyd (Image: AS English - Diario AS) While the world should be prioritising on defeating coronavirus, racism returns with a vengeance to dominate global headlines and cripple communities. The shocking death of George Floyd , in the hands (or knees in this instance) of a police officer on 25th May, has provoked widespread anger and demands of justice - justifiably. The anger has come in the form of riots at large US cities such as Minneapolis , the city where Floyd passed away, as well as protests across the country, and abroad ; London, Berlin among other places expressing solidarity. Social distancing rules have been thrown out of the window in place of a collective showcase of anguish. The fact that this is a racially aggravated murder cannot be overlooked. Floyd was accused of using a counterfeit $20 note to purchase food, a relatively minor crime in retrospect. Pleading his innocence to police officers, instead of being gi