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Snap your wings and fly

I declare a Twitter war! (Image: I haven't written in this blog for a while. I cannot properly explain why because there is genuinely a lot to talk about, which I'll delve into a little bit as this article progresses. However, I've found myself bewildered by how others are seeing the world. The comments from many social media users are those which I fail to recognise and understand. I get it, the views of those on social media don't fully reflect on the world we're living in today - but their voices are getting louder, and it's being echoed by influencers such as politicians and newspapers. Perhaps my evidence is anecdotal, but those who I particularly follow on Twitter don't have the measured views on politics and current affairs as they used to. They're getting more extreme, more severe and increasingly malicious. I don't know where I stand anymore. Please don't get the violins out. My views haven't particularly changed