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Castro was the godfather of non-political politicians

Fidel Castro (right) with Mikhail Gorbachev (Image: If I were to sum up 2016 in a post, I'd look no further than the recent passing of Fidel Castro. The former communist Cuban leader died at the slender age of 90 and while this isn't really a surprise to many, considering his age and lifestyle, his movement in my eyes is powerfully reflected in today's politics. Before I explain why, I have to bear in mind that this has been an extraordinary year where politics has never seen so much potential change in a space of a year since pre-Castro. The series of huge events witnessed across the world have stunned the world. For every story, whether it's the crisis in Syria, to the UK's EU referendum, to Donald Trump's US Presidential election success, people have been split between frustrating despair and angrily joyous. The chances of these emotions calming anytime soon is very slim indeed. But back to Fidel Castro. While his passing was possibly the l

The language and campaigns that gifted Trump Presidency

President-elect Donald Trump (Image: 10News) I haven't been able to hide my disappointment about Hillary Clinton's failed attempt to be United States' 45th President. Her defeat to Donald Trump has sent shockwaves across the globe. From aspects of American society that didn't expect such event would happen to politicians that prayed for a different result, this election got everyone talking - and the debate isn't likely to go away anytime soon. I know I shouldn't be disappointed - Donald Trump won't be my President as I don't live in the States. Yet with US's underlining global power and influence, whatever their administration pledges, would affect all of us in some capacity. Now, Clinton and departing President, Barack Obama have accepted the result and have graciously done so. And I'm sure the protesters who, in recent nights, have taken to the streets showcasing their disgust over the election result, will calm and do what they can

Vanity projects exploit governments' insecurities

Heathrow Airport (Image: NTM) It is widely recognised that a growing number of people want to 'look good' - whether it is buying the new and trendy handbag, or hiring a personal trainer with the hope of achieving that desired physique. More of us are even visiting private clinics, spending thousands to making our skin look younger through Botox and fillers. What do these activities have in common? Vanity. I represented a Harley Street cosmetic surgeon more than a year ago and he told an audience once that one of the key reasons why people went to him was 'vanity'. He is right. After all, the Dictionary 's definition of 'vanity' is when an individual has "excessive pride in one's appearance, qualities, abilities and achievements" and had taken actions accordingly. We are all guilty of this and honestly, within your limits, there's nothing to be ashamed of. I say 'within your limits' because sadly, we can be impulsive spender