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Baffling cuts for Britain whilst Rooney goes bonkers

Tory cuts unfair, but we have to live with it Well, we voted for them so surely we have to expect the cuts which George Osbourne announced yesterday. Personally, I know only, at the top of my head three people who voted for the Conservative party last May. But the majority of people voted for the Liberal Democrats. The results were the other way round with the Tories doing ever so well compared to the Lib Dems. So it's been almost six months and all the cuts have been announced, clarified and all of a sudden people are unhappy. I have to say, my disappointment has to be shown to everyone. Being a University student, the 40% cuts are far too much especially when higher education in the UK is at a vulnerable state anyway. Let me go through some of my highlights of the cuts the chancellor made: 1. VAT up to 20%. We all knew this a while back but it still baffles me. The Tories complained that Labour increased the VAT to 17.5% in the first place, now they've increased it even furth

Chile miners are the reason why I love news

After 69 days of being stuck underground without seeing a spot of sunshine and not seeing their loved ones and finally the miners of Chile have been rescued this morning one by one. This is a historic occasion and the miners are now being hailed as heroes. This is the time when we all jump and say "Wahey, finally some good news". It's been the news we've all been waiting for because it's not very nice to hear that they have been trapped and their family getting worried. Now they're all out unhurt and in high spirits, we can all relax again. This is also a time to congratulate the team of rescuers who devoted precious hours and saved over 30 lives. With Chile being a religious country, they will be blessed over and over again. I consider myself as a old fashioned and being born and raised in Wales, I kind of feel as part of the coal mining family. All of us are. The industry here was huge before Margaret Thatcher came along and ruined what was part of the count

The changing faces of the Liberal Democrats

Politics is like football. It's very entertaining and sometimes, there's dirty play. Now, to add to the list, we can say that politics is unpredictable. The Liberal Democrats have changed in the last 12 months. Before, they were the anti-Tory alliance with the Labour Party. Then when it came to the election campaign before May 2010, they wowed their supporters by saying that the "mainstreams" parties were not going to change Britain for the good. Nick Clegg's tactics didn't work as the final result proved that they managed to get less seats than what they managed five years previous. This is when Lib Dems had to take sides as their decision proved unpopular with their faithful voters because they turned right wing, meaning that David Cameron would lead the country for the next five years. This is when politics gets a little confusing. Why would a party who are completely against another join them and make the biggest decisions of lives of millions, even the wo

Everything went right at the Ryder Cup

It's taken a while for me to recover, celebrating the fantastic victory of the European team at this year's Ryder Cup. It was a close call and Graeme McDowell proved to be the unlikely hero and secured the win for Colin Montgomerie's side. It rained for the majority of the first day (Friday 1st October) and most of Sunday morning but the extra day played just added to the tension. This Welsh Ryder Cup has been already listed as one of the most magical tie between Europe and USA in golfing history. There were many reasons why this may have been the case. Wales and Newport's Celtic Manor Resort were really prepared for this. They had to be at their very best and the city of Newport has had a complete makeover - new shopping centre and it's more modernised. It sets a perfect example to the world that Wales is a perfect place to hold any sporting competition. We've proved it with the Rugby World Cup in 1999 and during the Ashes test in 2009. And the Ryder Cup is no

Do the Conservatives know what benefit mean?

Watching BBC News and being a key follower of the political party season, I am disgusted by the actions taken by the Conservative Government to slash child benefits for the higher tax payers from 2013. Yes, they may be the "better off" members of the public but every parent I know admit that raising a child under any circumstance is very difficult. It takes a lot of dedication and the Government has to encourage and praise their hard work. A little bit of extra income will not effect the country's over-growing debt which is going on. Especially when the "higher tax" will bring the "better off" wages lower to a sum which is almost similar to the people who have lower tax. In my opinion, the tax rate here is far too high considering the average annual wage is less than £20,000. The population is increasing, and increasing fast. In the last nine years, we have seen 2 million more births which is continuously adding to the UK population. It's a lot of