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Where big debatable topics collide

It's not the case of club or country. It's now the case of club or religion This year, Ramadan lies in the middle of August. This event in the Islam calendar leads to the run up to Eid, celebrated by almost a billion across the world where followers "fast", meaning not eating, during the day to remember those who are suffering around the developing world. In the Middle East, where this occasion is celebrated most is at its hottest. On average in places such as Dubai and Pakistan see temperatures soar up to between 44-47 degrees Celsius during the summer days. Where am I getting at? Last weekend, it was announced that Iran football star, Ali Karimi has been sacked by his team, Esteel Azin for failing to fast. It's a very strict policy which every player in Iran, or even the whole of the Middle East has to abide by. The news came to a shock to a lot of people. One of the best players in Asia, better known as "Asia's Maradona" has been kicked out of the

Aston Villa's long road to recovery starts today

Martin O'Neill resigns as Villa boss No, it's not a joke. No, this isn't a hoax - Martin O'Neill has left his role as Aston Villa manager with immediate effect. No one had expected it. In fact, he was 80/1 to be the first manager to leave as coach in the Premier League. It's shocking, absolutely shocking. A man who took Aston Villa from the rot which David O'Leary had left them to European football for the last three years. In his four year tenor at the club, they've had Randy Lerner taking over them and keeping them financially stable. This summer, Villa are yet to make a signing which has been frustrating for O'Neill. He said a month ago that he would leave if Ashley Young left the Midlands club behind his back. Could his departure be imminent? Or has James Milner's transfer saga with Manchester City proved too much for the Northern Irishman. Either way, it's not like him to leave in that manner. This week is the new Premiership season and Asto

My mini rant to Sky

There has been a headline this afternoon that has made me the most upset man in Britain. From the 23rd August which is in three weeks time, Freeview will no longer be broadcasting Sky Sports News. This, to some may make people happy but for sports fans who are students with low income, this news is like losing a cat. Where did I hear this? On the Sky Sports website where there is a video clip guiding people to the new football league season. It's a tragedy. Especially when news broadcaster, Jim White also announced that "Sky Sports News will be better than ever". This will also mean that there will be no Jeff Stelling's Gillette Soccer Saturday on Freeview. May I be biased by saying it's my favourite television programme. Spending six hours with him and the likes of Matt Le Tissier and Charlie Nicholas is golden. Absolutely golden. But from the 23rd August, the times when I laugh so hard it hurts - those days will be now a living memory. It's what got me going

The online guide to travelling and staying in Denmark

First of all, may I apologise for being absent for three weeks. For the last two and a half weeks I've been on vacation to Denmark and hadn't really accessed to the Internet for long periods of time. Why was I in Denmark? I have relatives who live there. I'm a huge fan of the country and I've been there for many summers now for the last 19 years of my life. What makes Denmark so special? This blog will tell all as I will give you the incite of getting there and where to go! Getting there I would be the first to tell you all; I do not like flying. I'm scared of heights and it's simple to say that in my opinion, there are better ways of going to any destination. However, Denmark is geographically a weird place. It is situated in the north of Germany and is separated into three different islands. Driving would be possible but will be exhausting. You'd be going through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany before reaching the south of one of the islands. Going by