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We can't be careless with net-zero as we are with Covid easing

Fracking is back on the political agenda (Image: Sky News) I recently returned from a wonderful three-night stay in Milan. I had been looking forward to the trip for months but felt a little nervous weeks before I packed my suitcase. Up until 28th February, it was a legal requirement for fully vaccinated travellers from the UK to produce both proof of Covid vaccination status and a negative test. Thankfully, four days before I set foot at Bristol Airport, the latter wasn't needed. I say 'thankfully', because that would've cost me more than the return flight ticket. Over the past two years, the Italian government has consistently introduced stricter restrictions compared to the UK. For example, I don't know how the British public would have felt they were told they had to wear an FFP2 face mask outdoors as well as indoors, the way Italians were required to. Italy only lifted that restrictions a few short weeks ago , and by 31st March, look to remove the 'state o