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Theresa May needs backing from her Party

The seven year wait is over and we can firmly believe that London 2012 will become reality, on time. Since July 2005, Lord Sebastian Coe et al have worked tirelessly hard to ensuring this Olympic Games would be a success - or at least match the magical Beijing Olympics in 2008. However, the media hype of this summer's Games has seen a mixture of anticipation and dread. If you can recall four years ago, moments before Beijing 2008, the Games was considered both a security and environmental risk for athletes, spectators and residents, despite spending US$12.2 billion on ensuring a " Green Olympics " would occur. These concerns were on the news frequently and authorities coped well under pressure and in the end, these issues were a thing of the past. In the London Games, the security implications have been a hot topic. For example, G4S, which were appointed to lead the security, announced in the last month that they were lacking staff members. This was seemingly a last mi

New Labour's past is back to haunt Ed's uncertain Labour

Tony Blair (centre-left), Ed Miliband (centre-right) with their wives at the Emirates Stadium, London  It has only been five years since Tony Blair resigned as British Prime Minister but over the last weeks, we have seen him return to the public eye. Back in June, he was invited to the Leveson Inquiry and defended his role in politics' relationship with the press. While doing this, he tried to deflect his responsibilities to The Sun newspaper's political switch from Conservative to Labour, months before the centre-left's election victory in 1997 to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who owns that particular paper by saying he did not convince the publication to alter their views. Murdoch said previous that he felt Blair was the right man to lead Britain over then Conservative Prime Minister John Major. This case of course, is still to be resolved but I feel Lord Justice Leveson will have a clearer perception of how politicians and newspaper executives flirted with eac

2012/13 Football League predictions

Before I want to discuss in further detail of my predictions for the forthcoming English season, I would like to place two imaginary candles on an imaginary cake and wish my blog, "The world as I see it" a very happy second birthday. After 10,000 readers (or there about), this blog has been a pleasure to write and I hope that you, the readers have enjoyed the blog posts. Now that is over and away with, here are my predictions for the 2012/13 season. These are the top four divisions that I predicted last season, only this time around one hopes for more accuracy. First of all, I would like to thank the BBC for giving internet users such as myself an application which gives us the table format which perfectly coincides with the long list of fixtures. If only they had a "save" button so I wouldn't have to do these predictions over a four day period. Spending 4-6 hours for each division felt like a full time job. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy these predictions. Ju