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Get well soon Cheryl and why Brazil will be a success

Wishing Cheryl the quickest of recoveries It's not very nice to see anyone in poor condition. Although Cheryl Cole, I mean Tweedy is not the most popular celebrity around, I think we should support her through her difficult times. I remember when Kylie Minogue was first diagnosed with breast cancer. It was terrifying for the world to hear this catastrophic news and support was flooding through her fan base. With Cheryl, however it maybe different. Miss. Minogue is portrayed as a generous female and a talented individual who is now in her fourth decade in the TV industry. However, Ms. Tweedy has made a name for herself in the girl group Girls Aloud and being a judge in the X-Factor. Also, being the centre of attention when she was on the verge of break up with Chelsea left-back, Ashley Cole. Yes, I was slightly annoyed by the amount of publicity she was given regarding this separation but. Who wasn't? But in the end of the day, we need to give her support and less recognition du

6th July 2010 headlines

Bieber has to get used to all the negative publicity It doesn't come to a surprise that people who tend to dislike teenage pop star, Justin Bieber have done something to make him upset. He's had number one hits such as "Baby", perhaps it's a song about his age! I feel sorry for him, I really do. I mustn't because of his fame and fortune at such a young age and his voice is terrible. The Canadian had written on his website to his fans wanting their opinions. He wanted to tour in another country and decided to leave it to his faithful supporters to choose for him. The most popular choice - North Korea. It's an internet prank which the anti-Biebers decided that it was funny to do a thing such as this. Second choice after the troubled country was Palestine. Jealousy is one thing, but it didn't go well with Bieber. Should Coventry be proud of their new "hero" Papers such as Metro and Daily Mail had put up a huge fuss over some success for England

This is me!

Hello, my name is John Price and I am new to blogging. I've been interested in doing this type of thing for a while. Now I have the time to do one, here it is. Here are a few basic and "need to know" facts about me: I'm a 19 year old student at Bangor University studying Journalism and Media Studies and hope to graduate in 2012 before the "World comes to an end". My interests are virtually anything. From politics to sport, from entertainment (e.g. TV, film and the world of celebrity) to current affairs. My dream job is to become a columnist which you see in the centre pages of newspapers such as The Independent, The Times or The Guardian . I am highly opiniated about a lot of topics as my main intention is to be broad-minded when writing my viewpoints. These posts which I will publish will be equally controversial and (un)biased. It's a way which I reveal my emotions. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my posts. John :)