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Adding the personal touch to Public Relations

Tony Robbins in Shallow Hal, 2001 (Image: I would like to share with you a personal account of my experiences so far in Life Coaching and how public relations, a part of the media industry I’ve been a professional in for the last three years, can learn from this particular branch of psychotherapy. When I first heard about Life Coaching, I was aware of it but knew little about it. One of the first times I heard the term ‘Life Coaching’ it was a film reference from the romantic comedy Shallow Hal. The character Hal, played by Jack Black, encountered Tony Robbins in a lift they shared which got stuck. Robbins played himself, an eminent Life Coach. He helped Hal rid of his shallowness towards women and see them from the beauty within using some sort of magical power. The exercise Robbins used in the film that magically evaporated Hal’s shallowness was fictional but even then I knew that Life Coaching has a powerful ability to helping an individual or group imp