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Lib Dems need a no deal Brexit to stay relevant

Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson (Image: If there's one political party that's been through one helluva journey this decade, you wouldn't look much further than the Liberal Democrats. Rewind to 2010, they were the party to vote for. The UK had a Labour government for thirteen years previous and you could tell the nation sought change. By that point, Labour had been battered and bruised thanks to controversies around the Iraq War and the global economic crash. So many loyal Labour voters wanted a route away from the party in red and some saw the Lib Dems as a suitable choice. But the election outcome over nine years ago was unexpected. Labour lost votes, but the Lib Dems didn't get the electoral breakthrough political commentators were expecting. At the same time, the Conservatives didn't get enough votes to lead a government. When a hung parliament was confirmed, many Labour ministers and voters, including a 19-year-old me, showed complace

Bury's collapse hosts Brexit warning for government

Bury Football Club's collapse has devastated the community (Image: Daily Telegraph) Football fans, myself included, have found ourselves in mourning in recent days, of the demise of Bury Football Club. The League One side was founded in 1885, being one of the oldest clubs in the country. It boasts more than two decades of top flight football, and they won the FA Cup on two occasions. Only four months ago, they celebrated promotion from League Two, after one year of asking, having been relegated the season previous. However, financial turmoil stifled progress. Wages were not being paid to staff , and their best players moved on as a result. And whilst having an owner who was too reluctant to sell at the time where it mattered most, this resulted in the club eventually be expelled from the division they fought so hard to get to. The EFL, who manages and governs the Championship, League One and Two divisions, gave Bury enough warnings to sort their act and run the club as a pro