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It's time to think radically about guns

Gun crime statistics, provided by LBC I'm sick of hearing about widespread violence on the news day in, day out. It's happening far too often now and it's being highlighted with greater emphasis. These past two months alone has seen mass-murders in Orlando where dozens were killed in a nightclub; in Nice, a man took a lorry and ran over hundreds during Bastille Day, a short week after; a deadly failed coup in Turkey claimed more lives. And as I write this, Munich are in the mourning process after multiple shoppers were needlessly killed on a casual Friday afternoon. These four particular atrocities have something significant in common - the culprits used a rifle of some sort to shorten the lives of hundreds and cause emotional pain for thousands more. I'm not a believer in coincidence, and I'm not the sort who goes out of my way in actively agreeing with Piers Morgan. However, when I absorb the news and hear these tragedies, I cannot help but think that

So long, Labour!

Pro-Jeremy Corbyn rally, June 2016 (Image: Independent) I have been a relatively faithful member of the Labour Party since 2013. Being a consistent voter of theirs since my 19th birthday in 2010, I was inspired by Gordon Brown's politics towards the end of his tenure as Prime Minister and believed Ed Miliband would have made a great leader of Great Britain. But today, I feel as if I should rip up my membership, like many of the 'Moderates' these past few months. This is for the time being at least as I refuse to give my time, support and energy to a Party completely mishandling their recent lunatic antics. My reasons for this dissociation is different to the likes of, say, Lord Sugar who left because he disagreed with the way Labour was heading towards in terms of ideology. However, by doing this, the entrepreneur is part of the problem. For me, his actions were ironic - running away from the issues the Party was facing back then (in May 2015) rather tha