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Analysing the candidates who want to succeed Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party

This Saturday will indicate Labour's future for the next four to five years. Who will be their leader and try to defeat the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition Government? This leadership race has never been as tight and exciting since recent years. The votes are in and are currently being counted carefully as this headline will be in the history books. We've never seen two brothers head to head in a prize so prestigious as leading the opposition party who lost power after 13 years at 10 Downing Street. We've not seen a woman so close in being appointed one of the important job titles, this country will get. It's going to be interesting. Let me analyse, critically of every single one of the five candidates who have campaigned hard throughout the summer. All of them did all they could to convince the UK public what they have to offer, now it's my turn to speak my opinion in this blog. David Miliband He's one of the strongest contenders of this post and wa

Why I will welcome the Pope to the United Kingdom

Tomorrow, history will be made. Pope Benedict XVI is to enter British soil - the first Papal to do so since 1982 by John Paul II. Benedict will travel to four cities; London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow in four days. His intentions is to meet Protestant and Supreme Governor, Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister David Cameron. The 83-year old will be addressing the nation with series of masses. This visit however, will be the most controversial with Catholicism as a religion seems to be at a rocky patch. So what is the big fuss with the Pope coming to the UK? Why do people such as Stephen Fry despise his visit? It's a long list which the media looks to increase by the day. The religion is portrayed as racist, homophobic and well, everything against equality. It is quite harsh that Catholicism is being pin-pointed this way. Not every Catholic is like that. And surely, Pope Benedict XVI doesn't think everything negative? As a religion, Catholicism is very well known and is

Step aside X-Factor, as Gordon et al are going to rock the season alight

It's coming up to Christmas and it only means one thing - good telly. The X-Factor is back, proving to be even more popular. Strictly is back with even bigger household names with the likes of Gavin Henson and Ann Widdecombe on course to waltz their way to victory. But it won't be those type of programmes I would be hooked into watching. Another genre which would increase my appertite by just mentioning... food. This week alone, Gordon Ramsay has two shows in completely different programmes. Yesterday (September 13th) saw him on ITV2 with "Hell's Kitchen USA" and now tonight on Channel 4, he'd feature in "Gordon's best restaurant". These shows titles are different to his "Kitchen Nightmares" but he has the same intentions - let's cook good and f***ing proper. It's mad and it's cocky but in the end of the day, Ramsay has the nack in producing entertainment like no other. Another UK chef has crossed the Atlantic and travels wi

Tabloid scandals is the current society

The Sun, The News of the World and The Daily Mirror are among the most popular read newspapers in the United Kingdom. Their celebrity gossip, their light-hearted headlines always sends a smile to millions of faces everyday of the week. But in some cases, they splash out news headlines which are to be talked about for weeks and weeks after they published the "exclusive" articles. In May 2010, NOTW went undercover and publically humiliated Sarah Ferguson, better known to us as Prince Andrew's ex-wife and the Duchess of York. She owed hundreds and thousands of pounds and the paper's undercover reporter disguising himself as an Indian businessman filmed her gaining access to her ex-husband for an exchange of £500,000. It was a move which failed miserably as she was forced to apologise and at the same time put a lot of pressure on the royal family to react in an orderly manner. A few weeks ago, the same newspaper had done the same thing again. Only this time they filmed a