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Let's not bash BBC like we have EU

BBC Broadcasting House, Central London (Image: BBC) When growing up, I was often advised never to ask these two questions: How old are you, and how much do you get a year? I'm not sure if anyone were raised this way too, but you wouldn't have thought so judging by the mass' latest attempt to discredit the BBC. Before I go on, I want to say that I'm massively pro-BBC. Their entertainment value, their unbiased news coverage, their globally respected content, their fantastic presenters and their impressive diverse reflection on national and international society. I can't doubt the Corporation and believe it deserves its proud 'British Institution' status. The BBC isn't perfect, but which large organisation doesn't have baggage? Indeed, there are certain avenues which require reforming, but I'll explain where I feel these need to take place later. But recent weeks has seen the BBC witness to seriously damaging backlash. It's arguably th

Jezza still has a long way to go...

Corbyn a day after the 8th June 2017 general election Jeremy Corbyn has exceeded many people's expectations. He wrote off every commentator who predicted a dramatic defeat for the Labour Party he led in the general election last month. Since then, his fame has risen beyond his wildest dreams with praise aimed at his positive campaigning and the empathetic handling of the recent attack in Manchester and the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. And who can forget his performance at Glastonbury, worthy of a Grammy nomination? Because of all this, Labour now leads the Conservatives in some polls, should there be an election right now. That said, I feel Corbyn-fever must be contained. 'Our Jezza' has a long way to go to convince the majority of the public that he is the right man to lead a government and the country. It is really difficult to clearly view his chances of walking into 10 Downing Street with a mandate simply because of the current Prime Minister, Theresa May'