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Iranians cannot solely rely on protests to end regime

Anti-Iranian regime protests have stepped up in recent weeks (Image: Middle East Institute) I last wrote about Iran in August when the country appeared to be on the verge of signing a fresh nuclear deal, which aimed to ease the world's fears that it would develop devastating weapons. Three months on and that deal is still yet to be finalised; probably because the negotiators are wondering what next for Iran, as its regime faces an uncertain future. Let's trace back to 16th September, where 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was doing what any unassuming human would do on a typical day - minding her own business and being herself. That was until the so-called 'morality' police noticed that her headscarf was out of place and before long, her life was to end in almost a flash. Her death was shocking, but sadly not the first in the hands of a regime that thrives on toxicity and tension when things don't go its way. Amini's passing has led to widespread protests; even greater

UK's isolationism will only deepen the migrant crisis

Rishi Sunak's problems are how big? (Image: The Sun Daily) It isn't an overstatement to say that the situation in Westminster is even more volatile now than when I last wrote on here  a few short weeks ago. Days after it, Liz Truss was given the boot - she was Britain's Prime Minister for less than two months. In comes Rishi Sunak, who lost to Truss in the Conservative leadership campaign just weeks previous. The job quite conveniently landed on his lap. He knew that he'd have a honeymoon period, after being praised for his accurate  predictions of the markets' reaction to Truss's economic plan. Sunak's appointment has been met with a somewhat surprising range of reactions; while Tory MPs are keen to move on from the Party's rocky episode, Conservative supporting commentators were split; some believing it's a 'globalist' coup (which is laughable). Away from that, the views remain blunt. Due to the nature of how he got the top job - in that