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It's time to enjoy Twitter again

Twitter HQ (Image: Next month will mark nine years since I registered as a user of social media giant Twitter. When I signed up to the site in 2009, I found myself engrossed by the complete randomness of it all. What had drawn me over to the page was my desire to totally embrace the daily lives of household names. Please bear in mind, this was during my journalism degree so my media instincts were beginning to be switched on. Anyhow, Twitter was a website which guaranteed the closest access we would ever get to the hottest names. Many, like me, were delighted to see that our favourite pop stars scoff some Corn Flakes, or endorsed a daft dog video. If you were lucky, you'd receive a 'like' or a response from a so-called 'celebrity'. Heck, I was delighted when I got an 'x' from Carol Vorderman that one time. Twitter, just like their rivals Facebook and Instagram, was designed for the user to escape from the big, bad world outside. And Twi