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My frustrations with Chuka

Chuka Umunna (Image: TUC) This EU-exit is giving me unwanted flashbacks of my time at University. Those who attended higher education in the digital era I'm sure can resonate. Picture a big deadline looming and you are convinced the essay you're about to submit will guarantee you a First. You go online, logon to a student portal like Blackboard, which is never the easiest to navigate, and the inevitable happens - the web page freezes. Day after day, hour after hour, that essay is simply not being submitted due to annoying technical issues. The portal laughs at your face. And that paper doesn't get through until you reluctantly accept that inevitable, and somewhat embarrassing, deadline extension. When faced with that scenario, you're probably thinking the Gods are saying something about your essay which is in fact worth a 2:2. Theresa May is facing a similar predicament. Here is the Prime Minister with this deal that she's absolutely delighted by. Ready for s

Changing our attitudes towards heroic, yet abusive, icons

Michael Jackson (Image: It is often said that we should never meet our heroes. If the last ten years was anything to come by, that common saying has some truth in it. In the UK, we've seen TV and radio stars from the 1960s, 70s and 80s dramatically fall from grace as a result of Operation Yewtree with big household names accused, and some guilty, of sexually abusing children. I'd rather not remind you readers about Jimmy Savile, Max Clifford, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris and others. You can argue that there was a direct link between these investigations in Britain to allegations currently ongoing in the United States. With so many women coming forward about what film mogul Harvey Weinstein did to them - of which all allegations he strongly denies - it led to the rising movement we see today otherwise known as 'Me Too (#MeToo)'. This campaign has, so far, been a huge success and it's been great to see a lot of people being encouraged to come forward