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Teens on £10 per hour won't burn holes in pockets

Jeremy Corbyn with young people (Image: The relationship between the Labour Party and prominent business leaders has always been rocky to say the least. It really hit bottom in 2008, during the global economic crisis, when then Prime Minister, Gordon Brown announced unpopular economic policies (in the eyes of the City). The party in red has not recovered since, and the Conservatives often find any excuse to expose this when it comes to any election campaign. I suppose you can argue this relationship can be down to the Chancellors. Mr Brown was popular doing this job under Tony Blair's leadership. Under Brown's premiership, Alistair Darling had a near total opposite effect. Ed Balls only became popular after he was Shadow Chancellor for almost five years under Ed Miliband. When David Cameron was Prime Minister, during the general election campaign of 2015, he would regularly refer to that infamous letter written in 2010 by then Chief Secretary to the Treasu

Sit down, Lib Dems. Battle for European popularity far from over

Polling station sign (Image: I'm sick of most of our British politicians. I really have lost my patience. If you felt my previous posts haven't indicated this already, then at least now I've made it crystal clear here. What triggered this angst is the reaction to the latest English council election results . It saw the Conservatives lose a lot of councillors, Labour lost a handful while the Liberal Democrats made the most gains. I'd have hoped the results briefly stated above were analysed for what they were. Politically, the Liberal Democrats lost so much ground, up-and-down the country, in recent years, they had to gain some lost ground suffered previously. The Party in yellow went through a horrendous patch after making the unpopular decision to form a coalition with the Conservatives between 2010 and 2015. They needed a good campaign in order to avoid being seen as completely irrelevant. In that, the Tories having a bad night was inevitable