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Getting your eco-message across crystal clear

Extinction Rebellion protests in London, April 2019 (Image: The Independent) I'm getting annoyed because I find myself being frustrated at Sir David Attenborough. I know, I know. He is an absolute legend, why should I ever get frustrated with him? However, he's heavily involving himself in present debates around the environment and climate change which are getting out of hand - so much so, I fear I'm turning into a cynic. Now, before you judge, I am fully aware of ways our world is changing and that largely, the damages to nature is done by us humans. I am quietly angst at those who needlessly cut trees across the Amazon Rainforest. I am saddened whenever I hear once cherished animals are now considered endangered. And I share concerns made by environmentalists that melting ice caps could lead to unwanted circumstances for mankind. Yet, when I see how campaigners are currently expressing themselves to make the points mentioned above, I cannot help but shake my head