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Lib Dems need a no deal Brexit to stay relevant

If there's one political party that's been through one helluva journey this decade, you wouldn't look much further than the Liberal Democrats. Rewind to 2010, they were the party to vote for. The UK had a Labour government for thirteen years previous and you could tell the nation sought change. By that point, Labour had been battered and bruised thanks to controversies around the Iraq War and the global economic crash. So many loyal Labour voters wanted a route away from the party in red and some saw the Lib Dems as a suitable choice.

But the election outcome over nine years ago was unexpected. Labour lost votes, but the Lib Dems didn't get the electoral breakthrough political commentators were expecting. At the same time, the Conservatives didn't get enough votes to lead a government. When a hung parliament was confirmed, many Labour ministers and voters, including a 19-year-old me, showed complacency and thought Labour and the Lib Dems would join form a coalitio…
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Bury's collapse hosts Brexit warning for government

Football fans, myself included, have found ourselves in mourning in recent days, of the demise of Bury Football Club. The League One side was founded in 1885, being one of the oldest clubs in the country. It boasts more than two decades of top flight football, and they won the FA Cup on two occasions. Only four months ago, they celebrated promotion from League Two, after one year of asking, having been relegated the season previous. However, financial turmoil stifled progress. Wages were not being paid to staff, and their best players moved on as a result. And whilst having an owner who was too reluctant to sell at the time where it mattered most, this resulted in the club eventually be expelled from the division they fought so hard to get to.

The EFL, who manages and governs the Championship, League One and Two divisions, gave Bury enough warnings to sort their act and run the club as a profitable business. Match after match was suspended, deadlines were extended on several occasion…

My life with the 'Million Pound Shoplifter' - and how we can help society as a result

It is very rare for me to talk about my work publicly. Very rarely I would openly reveal anything about it on my blog, which will always hold my personal views on political and cultural affairs. But only on this occasion I will talk about an element of my professional life, and so here it goes.

I'll start by telling you a story. In February 2016, I was introduced, by a trusted associate of mine, to a woman called Kim Farry. My associate, who was Kim's agent at the time, briefed me on her client and said she needed help trying to improve her profile. A year previous, Kim was the subject of a documentary on Channel 5 as the 'Million Pound Shoplifter, living off the state', and had since sought ways to improve her life after the intense recognition this programme gave her at the time. As a public relations professional who likes a challenge, I agreed to meet with Kim and see what the hype was about.

Admittedly, I had never heard of Kim at this point and never really paid…

Being cautious when comparing current politicians to the darker days

Donald Trump is taking the United States back to the 1930s. Boris Johnson is just like Donald Trump, who is taking the United States back to the 1930s, so therefore Britain is heading back to that decade too. By electing Jeremy Corbyn as UK's Prime Minister, the country will rewind to the 1970s. Vladimir Putin is bringing Russia back to the Stalin era.

The list of claims that certain divisive politicians and governments are guiding their countries to the past is ever increasing. Commentators and newspaper editors alike are finding it easy to claw back a handful of bad things that happened at a certain era and compare it to the present day, making the public a little uneasy in the process. This is happening regardless of where in the political spectrum these so-called experts see themselves in, smearing their apparent opponents to win political brownie points.

Of course, comparing powerful figures with a decade which many endured, isn't a new thing. Ed Miliband, when he was La…

Women are turbo-charging change. Get used to it

One of the most over-used words in recent years is "change". Politicians who aren't in power use it constantly as a way of showing that their version of change is a good thing, and therefore, we should embrace it. Change is something I encourage for sure, so long as it's at a healthy pace and it progresses in a way where many of us benefit.

In society, a decision to change is based on a blend of personal choice and economics. If the economy is doing well locally, people are bound to opt for the status quo. Only if it suits us, of course. There are certain things that must never change, particularly when it comes to roles of certain women in power. For instance, how very dare Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex - and Prince Harry - want to raise their child and handle their marital affairs behind closed doors.

People were aghast upon discovering the christening of baby Archie, currently seventh in line to the throne, took place privately. Only 25 guests attended, in…

Pointless election won't change policy priorities

This time next month, the UK will have a new Prime Minister. Either be Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will be given the keys to 10 Downing Street, with the country's destiny in the hands of 160,000 members of the Conservative Party. The thought of this has, of course, angered many people who want a say but can't. Unfortunately for them, this is a system people must accept.

To be honest, as someone who isn't a Tory member, I am glad I don't have to choose between Johnson and Hunt. Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon somewhat humourously compared to this choice as opting to either being run over by a bus or lorry. She isn't far from wrong, though if there was a choice, I'd choose being run over by a bus. Joking aside, if I did have to vote and you put a gun next to my head, I'd say, "Fine, I'll pick Jeremy." What I do believe, however, is that it is a pointless election and the outcome will make very little difference to Britain's standi…

Only Tories can save the UK - for now

The Brexit Party is on the verge of forming a government, if there was a general election tomorrow. That is if you believe in the polls at present. Of course, this is a frightening thought because not only they remain muted and speculative around their non-existent manifesto, but its name suggests to me that, should Britain leave the European Union by the end of October, their only goal is achieved and could be written out of political relevance. I for one am glad there is no general election planned right now.

However, talks of a general election are heightened in recent weeks because Theresa May will hand her Prime Ministerial position to someone else this summer. Who she will hand the keys to 10 Downing Street to remains the question - we now have a Conservative leadership election underway where a handful of candidates have thrown their hat to the ring, with the winner decided by the Tory membership.

Rather understandably, people aren't happy with the notion that our next Pri…